Below a list representing most of Bianca's judging appointments.

* September 2004   Cape Town South Africa
   Western Cape Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club - Open Show 

* April 2006 Belgium
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Belgium - Junior Day

 * March 2007 - Wijchen The Netherlands
    National Terrier Show - Terrier speciality (68)

 * July 2007 - Durban South Africa
    Kwa Zulu Natal Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club - Championshipshow

 * December 2007 - Wijchen The Netherlands
    KC Nijmegen e.o Noviomagum - International Dogshow (30) 

* September 2008 - Lodz Poland-    Polish Terrier Club - National Show
* October 2008 - Dortmund Germany
   BundesSieger - International Dogshow 

* December 2008 - Amsterdam The Netherlands
   Amsterdam Winner - International Dogshow 

* August 2009 - Caerphilly Wales United Kingdom
   Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of South Wales (57)                    

* December 2009 - Brussels Belgium
   Brussels Dogshow - International Dogshow

 * February 2010 - Newtownards  Ireland
   Newtownards & District Canine Club 

* October 2010 - Utrecht The Netherlands
   De Utrecht - International Dogshow (38) 

* February 2011

   Morecambe Bay and Cumbria Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club - Limit Show

 * May 2011 - Oss The Netherlands
    Kynologenclub Oss en Omstreken (40)                         

 * August 2011 - Durack Australia
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland Inc - Championshipshow (300)

  * August 2011 - Wellington New Zealand
    Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society Inc - Championshipshow (80)

 * August 2011 - Bloemfontein - South Africa
   Free State Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club - Championshipshow (57) 

 * September 2011 - Czech Republic
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Czech Republic - Championshipshow (79)

 * December 2012 - Ladispoli - Italy
    Gruppo Cinofilo Ladispolano "Elio Eusepi" - Jim the Dandy Trophy Open Show

  * October 2013 - Asperen The Netherlands
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Nederland - First International Stafford Match
 * 02.11.2014 International Dogshow Bleiswijk (16)

 * 23.11.2014 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of South Wales /Championshipshow 

Dogs 117 (93/24)                     

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of South Wales / Critique
23.11.2014 – Neath Sports Centre - Neath
Judge: Bianca Janssen (Staffjoy’s)

Dog CC: Biggleswick Funky Devil (Reserve Best in Show)
Dog reserve CC: Ch. Eclypstaff Cuz I Can
Best puppydog:Carfury Bal Dhu
Best veteran dog: Ch. Stormbull Solo (Best Veteran in Show)
First I want to thank the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of South Wales for giving me the opportunity to judge at their Championship Show. Coming from overseas it was a big honour for me. Thanks to the exhibitors for their entry and for making it a most enjoyable day. I also want to thank both my very competent ring stewards who made sure that everything in the ring went smoothly and were very helpful not only to me but also to the exhibitors. This club knows how to run a good show with a positive atmosphere, a spacious venue, cups and rosettes for all placed dogs and a friendly hard working committee.

Our breed has got a wonderful character. The standard states: 
‘Traditionally of indomitable courage and tenacity. Highly intelligent and affectionate especially with children’. When you make eye contact with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, it should waggle it’s tail and it should want to find out who it is who is looking at him. It’s a worry for me that nowadays you find Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are shy and sometimes look frightened. Of course, especially youngsters, can be impressed by new circumstances, but that should not last long, and if an incident occurs our breed must recover itself quickly. In my opinion breeders should be more aware of the desired true open Staffordshire Bull Terrier character and don’t make excuses for undesirable behaviour. What has this got to do with showing, one can ask. If a dog walks up and down it should show energy, it must look like the dog is enjoying what it’s doing and that also shows in the movement. It doesn’t go down very well with me when a dog comes towards me and hesitates the last few metres and doesn’t want to come over and greet me. The true Staffordshire Bull Terrier not only should have the looks as required by the Standard, but also the temperament as required by the Standard.

 Showing a dog isn’t a competition where the dog stands the best like a statue or is the most focused on a bait. Our breed has got a brilliant sparkling character and that’s what I would like to see and experience. Training puppies with baits is understandable, but I think we must be aware that fully bait focused Staffordshire Bull Terriers makes them look so dull. Some dogs that I wanted to have a look at their heads were so focussed at the bait that I couldn’t have a proper look. 
I found quite some dirty teeth, and of course you can think ‘so what?’, but it’s a dog show. Make sure your dog is turned out in immaculate condition, clean eyes, teeth, coat and a very nice condition. Clean teeth isn’t just a cosmetic thing it’s also taking good care of your dog as dirty teeth will cause bad breath and ultimately loss of teeth which could have been prevented. 
I only had a few exhibits that I thought were really fit. The Breed Standard asks for well muscled hindquarters and for me it’s a great sight when you look at a moving Staffordshire Bull Terrier from behind to see the muscle strings in fully grown Staffordshire Bull Terriers and it completes the picture. Unfortunately only a few had those desired muscled hindquarters. 
The Standard asks for a free movement, powerful and agile with economy of effort. Not many exhibits displayed this, most of them had only fairly good movement, but I’m glad not having seen Staffordshire Bull Terriers being shown as hounds as in some countries it seems to become normal practice. With this ‘hound-movement’ we also get Staffordshire Bull Terriers whose back legs are too long. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier should be able to stand naturally with his feet almost directly underneath him i.e. in a line down from his pelvis.   For exhibits and breeders I think breeding towards the desired movement is certainly a challenge to breed and to show off.  


* May  - Chieti - Italy - Show & Seminar
* June DENMARK - Clubshow
* June - NICE - France 2015
* June - Gray Summit St. Louis Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America National Speciality 

* Poland - Warsaw - Bulliade 
* September - South Africa Johannesburg - Charityshow 
* December Winner Amsterdam

* Februari - Brno - Czech Republic  Double CACIB Show
* April -Puebla - Mexico - Clubshow & Seminar
* June  - Hattula - Finland Club Jubilee Championshipshow
* November - Perth - Australia - Club Championshipshow


* March - Moscow - Russia
* March - Kentucky - USA  Regional Specialty (a day for the National Specialty) 
* June - Pisa -  Italy  - Show & Seminar
* June - Border Union Championshipshow - United Kingdom
* July - Wüppertal - Germany - Clubshow DCBT

Germany: May Pfingstcup DCBT
UK:   October - Championshipshow Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club - Dogs

Slovakije Terrierspeciality & Seminar
Chili Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club 
UK:  July - Championshipshow Potteries Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club - Bitches

Frankrijk:  May regional Moisenay Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club de France
Nederland:  26 November - Winner Show 

United States